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GLIDE’12 disseminates research and critical thinking on international issues surrounding food, nutrition, and health. Today, food is no longer viewed simply for nourishment, pleasure, or an overly mass-produced product. Now, due to global industrialization, the way humans interact with food systems and production has reached a critical mass, requiring citizens of the world to consider the introduction of new methods and technological systems that will enable global cultures to remain healthy and viable in the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. Join us on November 7 starting at 13:50 USA time for critical dialogue with an interdisciplinary mix of scholars, centered around these key topics:



  • GIS in Pursuit of Food History by Dr. Gabriella M. Petrick, Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies and Department of History and Art History, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, United States; 15:35 (New York, USA) | 15:35 (Virginia, USA)


  • Rethinking Food Recall Communications for Consumers by Clinton C. Carlson, Assistant Professor, Department of Design and Whitney O. Peake, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, University of North Texas, United States; 16:55 (New York, USA) | 14:55 (Texas, USA)
  • Mapping Edible Aroids by Karin Vaneker and Erwin Slaats, Independent Researchers, The Netherlands; 15:05 (USA) | 21:05 (NETHERLANDS)


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